29 Sep 2005
GFN announces that it will not be mailing its half-yearly report to capital note holders within the timeframe specified in NZSX and NZDX Listing Rule ("Rule") 10.5.2.
27 Sep 2005
GPG is pleased to announce the appointment of Laurie Todd as Chief Financial Officer with effect from 1 October 2005.
22 Sep 2005
GPG announces that it has sold Staveley Fire Services Limited, the UK fire protection business.
12 Sep 2005
12 Sep 2005
12 Sep 2005
The following release provides an analysis of the key changes to GPG consolidated reported results arising from the implementation of IFRS.
21 Jul 2005
GPG announces that in two separate transactions it has sold the M&E; Contracting and Facilities Maintenance Services businesses of Staveley in the UK.
28 Apr 2005
The following unaudited results of Coats Group Limited ("the Company") for the year to 31 December 2004 are released by Guinness Peat Group plc ("GPG") for information only. The Company, which became a subsidiary of GPG on 1 April 2004, is the holding company of the Coats Group. The operations of the Coats Group comprise almost entirely the operations of Coats Holdings Limited, previously named Coats Ltd, which was acquired by the Company`s subsidiary, Coats plc, on 7 April 2003.
28 Feb 2005
A relatively modest year for GPG in accounting terms with profit down from 64.0 million to 25.3 million. A rather better result was the continued overall increase in value of the Company (expressed in terms of market value of quoted investments and book value elsewhere) of some 87 million which is probably a more appropriate measure for a company such as GPG.


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