GPG Finance plc Capital Notes 2001, 2003 and 2006

The first issue of Capital Notes by GPG Finance raised NZ$250 million in 2001 (“the 2001 Notes”). These were exchanged or redeemed in 2006, and no 2001 Notes remain outstanding. A second issue was made in 2003 which raised NZ$215 million, bearing interest at a rate of 8.7% per annum (“the 2003 Notes”). A third issue was made in 2006 which raised NZ$350 million ("the 2006 Notes"). The 2006 Notes bear interest at 8.3% per annum. Both the 2003 and 2006 Notes are listed on the NZDX.

The 2003 Notes have an initial election date of 15 December 2008, prior to which GPG Finance is entitled to propose terms and conditions on which 2003 Noteholders may elect to roll over their 2003 Notes. Noteholders would then be entitled to elect to retain some or all of their 2003 Notes for a further period on the new terms and conditions and/or to convert some or all of their 2003 Notes into ordinary shares in GPG. These elections are subject to GPG’s overriding right (at its option) to purchase for cash some or all of the 2003 Notes on the election date for their principal amount, together with any accrued interest and unpaid interest. GPG has provided a guarantee on a subordinated basis in respect of the 2003 Notes.

The 2006 Notes have similar terms and conditions to the 2003 Notes, except that they bear interest at a rate of 8.3% per annum and have an initial election date of 15 November 2012. They are also guaranteed by GPG on a subordinated basis. GPG also has additional rights to buy back the 2006 Notes at a fixed premium during the five year period before their initial election date.

Further details of the terms and conditions of these Capital Notes can be found in GPG’s Annual Reports and in the relevant circulars to be found in the section of this website entitled “Stock Event Circulars”.